Vehicle Graphic

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Vehicle Wraps Melbourne – Vehicle Graphic displays are the most effective way of advertising your business where ever you are – one visit to Sign A Rama Box Hill is all you need to set your message in motion. Whether you own a motorbike, SUV or sedan, ute, van or even an aircraft or boat, we can help to get your company and message through the installation of an eye catching vehicle graphic display.

In fact, there are number of options available to choose from including vinyl letters, digital graphics, one way visions, magnetic strips or a combination of the options which can cover your vehicles end to end. All our material is of the highest grade and our team is well experience in ensuring you get your desired result. Talk with us today to discuss your options. See our work below and on our Pinterest!



Vehicle Wraps Melbourne

Vehicle wraps and vehicle signage is the most effective way to advertise your business whilst on the move. Contact us today for a free enquiry!

Vehicle Wraps Melbourne / Vehicle Graphics

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is no longer enough to advertise your business from just your office space. It is now becoming more and more essential to be advertising your companies branding and identity with you as you travel. This is without a doubt best accomplished through the application of a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics. For instance, the following are some examples of how you can apply vehicle graphics for your business:

vinyl stickers melbourneVehicle Wraps Melbourne: The most popular and effective form of vehicle signage is a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap completely envelopes your vehicle with your companies logo, styling and branding. This provides you with a unique signage solution which will make you stand out from your competitors. In addition to the stylistic look, a vehicle wrap is completely customisable. The design and graphical elements are completely decided upon by you. Furthermore, our vinyl wrap material is specifically crafted to ensure that your vehicle is free form any kind of damage.

vinyl stickers melbourne

Vehicle Car Stickers: Alternatively, if you feel a complete car wrap is not for you, vinyl stickers can be applied to your vehicle in a strategic and effective manner. One of the key advantages of vehicle stickers is the ease and speed in which we apply them to your vehicle. Unlike a complete vehicle wrap which may take over one day (with drying) vinyl stickers can be applied to your vehicle quickly and easily within an hour (depending on the size and amount of your vehicle stickers). Common examples of vehicle stickers are on the sides of cars, the back of your vehicle and even on your rear window.

Other Vehicle Signage Options

Not all vehicle signage options require the application of vinyl material. Other examples in which other forms of may be more suited for your vehicle needs may include the following:

vinyl stickers melbourneOne Way Visions: One of the main challenges of vehicle signage is how to advertise your business on the large window areas. Therefore this is best accomplished through the application of one way vision prints. A One Way Vision is a special kind of material which can be seen from the outside but does not block your view whilst in the car. This type of sign is becoming all the more popular as a vehicle signage solution which accompanies the rest of your vehicle vinyl stickers. One way visions are digitally printed and therefore your companies branding and logo can be applied directly. In addition to this, one way visions are easy to remove once you desire.

vinyl stickers melbourne

Metal and Magnetic Vehicle Signs: Metal and Magnetic sign boards are also a good option for your vehicle signage. This option is the most durable signage solution and ideal for Utes, trucks, vans and other heavy duty vehicles. Unlike our other options, this type of sign is printed directly either onto a aluminium or magnetic sheet. What makes the magnetic vehicle signs most effective is that they can be interchanged between a number of vehicles. Metal signs are safely secured on your vehicle but can also be removed whenever required without damaging your vehicle.