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Light Boxes Melbourne – An Illuminated light box are is one of the  most popular advertising tool for small to medium size retail shops. It is usually a part of shop front signage. Unlike other signboards, a light box will work during the day and night informing prospective clients about your business.

As the saying goes “A picture is worth 1000 words”. Enhance your professional image, credibility and build customer awareness instantly with your light box sign today and take advantage of our wide format digital printing.

Where are light boxes used most effectively? To begin with, light boxes are perfect for various illuminated sign applications including: retail point of sale displays, airports, train stations, nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, ferries, offices and exhibitions; as they are proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool. Double-sided lightboxes will maximize your advertising capabilities and is perfect for shop window displays. See below for our recent light box displays as well as our Pinterest page!

Light Boxes Melbourne

Nothing grabs attention and impresses your customers from outisde your store more than a lightbox sign. Contact us today for a free enquiry!

A Light Box Sign for any business

One of the main advantages of the light box sign is that they are suitable for just about every business. In fact we can help you customise your light box sign in regards to the design as well as the layout. Lightboxes are also available in whatever size you require. Therefore, both smaller and large light box signs can be installed at your premises. For instance, some examples of lightboxes we have completed include:

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Restaurant Light Boxes Melbourne: The most popular type of light box signs is the restaurant light box. Our light boxes are of comercial grade and built to last your business for many years. Light box signs are especially effective when viewed from a distance. In addition, when brightly lit they are hard to miss. This generally results in a great first impression. Another great feature about light boxes is there ease in design and application. To begin with, lightbox design should be relatively minimal. Therefore, lightbox signs are generally easy in application, installation and design.

Creative Light Box Signs Melbourne Solutions

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Indoor Lighbox: Other than the light boxes previously discussed, light boxes are also placed indoor. Generally speaking, light boxes are bets used to attract your outdoor customers, however when placed indoors this can create an interesting workplace. In essence, indoor light boxes can drastically bring life to your workplace. As an example, lightboxes can be placed in a darker area of your workplace to add lighting. Although out of the box, this solution has prooven results for a number of companies we have worked with.

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Large Light Boxes Melbourne: Another option is to consider is to have your lightbox as your central outdoor signage advertising tool. Rather than a smaller traditional lightbox, a large scaled lightbox can be used in a similar way as a post and panel sign during the day and night. This option is very effective as it combines two signage options into one. In addition, the larger the lightbox the more of a focal point it will be for onlookers. This signage option is very popular across all industries, however it is increasingly popular in medical and real estate organisations.