Corflute Signs

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Corflute Signs Melbourne – are the cheapest way of advertising your business, your work or directing people to certain events happening around the area. Eye-catching designs (custom graphics) to enhance visual impact and corporate identity is printed on high quality vinyl and pasted on corflute will really stand out in the crowd.

You might have seen corflute signs used at construction sites and house auctions. This is because they make for the perfect temporary signage solution. Similarly they are serve as directional signs to help point viewers in the right direction. This is common in private car parks as well as housing auctions.

At Sign A Rama Box Hill, we specialise in making corflute signs with digitally printed graphics (photographic quality prints using inks guaranteed to last more than 3 years in outdoor use). See below for our recent corflute signs or visit our Pinterest page for more!

Corflute Signs Melbourne

Corflute signs are one of the most affordable and effective forms of outdoor signage. Contact us today for a free enquiry!

Ease and Affordability with Corflute Signs

One of the major advantages of corflute signs is there affordability. This makes it especially easy and valuable to purchase many corflute signs for your needs. They are also seen as a temporary signage and printing solution. Therefore they are ideal for exhibitions, outdoor direction signs as well as signs used to promote your business wherever you are working. For instance, a common application of corflute signs is in the construction industry where your business commonly moves based on your project location. Furthermore, some other advantages of the corflute sign are as follow:

corflute signs melbourne axiaCustom design and size: First and foremost, the most common method of printing your corflute sign is to digitally print your graphic material directly onto the corflute material. As a matter of fact, this is a fullproof printing technique which ensures the highest standards of quality are met for your sign. In addition, your corflute sign is entirely customised in regards to size and whatever message you are trying to convey. The most common practice however is to keep it simple and print your companies branding, contact details and services. As a result, your corflute sign will be the most impact to your customers and on lookers .

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High Quality Printing: Another characteristic of corflute signs is that they are highly durable and weatherproof. Made from durable plastic material, corflute signs are made to last in all kinds of weather conditions. This makes them a very suitable option as an outdoor sign made to last throughout the year. In addition to this our digital printing is designed and made to be printed directly onto the corflute sign. Therefore your print will not peel away from the corflute

Mobile Signage

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Mobile Corflute Signs Melbourne: Corflute Signs are usually either 3mm or 5mm thick and made from high quality corflute material. This makes them especially easy to carry around with you wherever you may require them. In addition to being amongst the lightest of signs, corflute signs are also water resistant.  All things considered, corflute signs are typically used by real estate agents, exhibition trade shows, large scale events and in the construction industry.

Applications of Corflute Signs Melbourne

Corflute signs are used by any company or industry as part of your indoor or outdoor signage solutions. However, from our experience in the signage and printing industry, corflute signs are most commonly used in the following ways.

  • Private Car Parks: This is a cheap and very effective way to guide your customers.
  • Directional: Commonly used to direct your customers and the like around your companies work place.
  • Construction: Small and large corflute signs are usually around construction sites.
  • Real Estate: This is commonly used to direct on lookers.
  • Exhibition Signs: Corflute signs are very common in trade and exhibition shows.

On the other hand, we have provided corflute signs to a variety of businesss around Melbourne. For instance, a number schools and not for profit businesses. In conclusion, contact us today to see who we can help you with your corflute signage needs.