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A Frame Signs Melbourne – A-Frames, also commonly known as Sandwich Boards,  are amongst the cheapest and most popular signage options for stores from all industries. A-Frames are usually placed outside your store or in other strategic locations to draw attention from passing traffic and on lookers. They have arguably been proven to be one of the most effective and affordable ways to get customers from the footpath into your store. Another great advantage of the A-Frame is the flexibility and mobility they offer; move them in and out of your store or to different locations around your premises with ease.

A-Frames are very customisable, however the general size is 900x600mm or 600x600mm. By working with Sign A Rama Box Hill, you can be assured that your A-Frame will last you at least ten years and can be adjusted and changed if need be throughout its tenure. Furthermore, we use the finest materials in our production which means your aframe will be highly durable and weatherproof. Moreover we will work with you to incorporate your own graphic style and company branding to ensure visual impact and your companies identity is noticed. See below for some examples of our work or visit our Pinterest page for more!

A Frame Signs Melbourne

AFrame signs are simple but effective advertising signs to get customers off the sidewalk and into your store. Contact us today for a free enquiry!

Types of A Frame Signs Melbourne

Our A Frame signs are customisable in regards to their size and the material of the sign board attached to the A Frame. In general however we have found a standard size of 600x600mm or 900x600mm works best for your outdoor signage purposes. In regards to the sign board attached to the A Frame, we offer the following options:

A Frame Signs Melbourne-Whitehorse-ArtsAluminium Signboard: Another common and popular A Frame is option is the standard 900x600mm aluminium Aframe. In the same way as other signage, artwork is usually prints onto this Aframe in the way of digial printing or vinyl lettering. Our signboards are of the highest quality, made to last for many years after their purchase and weatherproof. All of our signage material is lightweight making this option both sturdy, reliable and easy to move around. Additionally, this option also allows you keep the A Frame as it is and replace the aluminium sheets whenever you require new signage.

A Frame Signs Melbourne-Whitehorse-Arts
Corflute Inserts: Another popular and effective A Frame Signage option is corflute inserts with your A Frame. Moreover this is a cost effective solutions which allows you to insert different corflute signs to your A Frame. Like the aluminium signboard, the general sizes for this style of A Frame is 900x600mm and 600x600mm. One of the key advantages in using a corflute A Frame sign is its lightweight nature. Finally this makes this kind of signage option ideal for outdoor exhibitions and similar.

Outdoor Signage Melbourne (A Frame Signs Melbourne)

In fact, A Frame signs are often well accompanied with other outdoor and exhibition signage. For instance, A Frames paired with either tear drop flags or pull up banners can often work well together to lure your customers from the roadside through to your store. As a result, we at Sign A Rama Box Hill pride ourselves on selling complete advertising solutions for your business. We have provided exhibitions signage for countless businesses around Box Hill, Burwood, Blakcburn, Doncaster and Melbourne CBD areas just to name a few.

Therefore, it should be noted that when preparing your A Frame or exhibitions signs the look and feel should be closely aligned with your companies styling and overall branding. Having a wealth of experience in advertising and branding we not only print and install your signage we can also assist you with the overall design and branding of your signage. Advertising signs such as A Frames can add greatly to your companies branding and identity.